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George Vathrakokilis Saint George Beach Chora Naxos Cyclades, Greece Telephone +30(22850) 25709 Cell phone +30 6945 150011 E-mail: info@korali-hotels.com
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Transportation to Naxos
  • You can get to Naxos island either by airplane or by ship.
  • In high season period (July & August) and summer weekends early booking is highly recommended.
  • International Telephone Code: +30

    By Airplane
    The trip lasts about 45 minutes with the Olympic Airways. There is at least one flight to Naxos daily.
  • Useful phone numbers:
    Athens International Airport: 210 3530000
    Naxosʼ Airport: 22850 23292
    Athens Olympic Airways: 210 9666666 - 801 11 44444 (valid only within Greece)
    Naxos Olympic Airways: 22850 23043
    For more information about Athens International Airport "Elefterios Venizelos", visit the site www.aia.gr.

    By Ship
    Distance: 103 nautical miles from Piraeus Port.
    Blue Star Ferries
    Trip duration: 5 hrs
    Tel. Athens: 210 8919800, Naxos Island: 22850 23330 (www.bluestarferries.com)
    Hellenic Seaways
    Ferries & Catamaran
    Tel. Athens: 210 4199100, Naxos Island: 22850 23330 (www.hellenicseaways.gr)
    From Port of Piraeus (trip duration with ferry: 7 hrs - trip duration with catamaran: 3 hrs and 50 min.) and from Port of Rafina (trip duration: 3 hrs and 35 min.) with catamaran.
    Nel Lines
    Tel. Athens: 210 4115015 & 210 4127544 (www.nel.gr).
    From Port of Piraeus (trip duration: 4 hrs) and from Port of Lavrio (trip duration: 3 hrs and 30 min.).
    GA Ferries
    Tel. Athens: 210 4511720, 210 4582655 & 22850 25329 (www.gaferries.gr).
    Trip duration: 7 hrs Aegean Speed Lines
    Tel. Athens: 210 9690950, Naxos Island: 22850 24000 (www.aegeanspeedlines.gr)
    From Port of Piraeus (trip duration: 4hrs) Alpha Ferries
    Tel. Athens: 210 4284001-2, Naxos Island: 22850 24581 (www.alphaferries.gr)
    From Port of Rafina (trip duration: 7hrs)

    * Prices vary according to the shipping company and season (high and low). Prices are subject to changes according to the shipping company. Please refer to the phone numbers above for the exact ticket price.

    For more information call also the port authorities:
    Port Authority of Piraeus: 210 4226000-4, 4593140
    Port Authority of Rafina: 22940 22300
    Port Authority of Lavrio: 22920 25249
    Port Authority of Naxos: 22850 22300

    Enjoy your stay in the beautiful island of Ariadne

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