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Carnival : The celebrations start on the first Saturday of the Carnival, with the slaughter of pigs and other events. At midday on the last Sunday of the Carnival, in Apeiranthos, Koudounati, (people who bear bells), make their appearance. They wear clocks and hoods and go around the village creating a lot of noise, speaking and behaving in a provocative way. They also carry a piece of wood shaped like a penis, called somba, an ancient symbol related to god Dionysus. The group is joined by other carnival figures such as Yeros (old man), Gria (old lady) and the Bear. Must - see: Koudounati acting stories like A Bride's Wedding, Death, the Resurrection of the Dead and the Ploughing.
On Ash Monday, in the villages of Potamia, Kaloxido, Leivadia, Galini, Melanes, Kinidaros and others, Kordelati or Levendes appear, dressed in ribbons (Kordeles) on their fezzes and shoulders and wearing foustanella, the traditional greek kilt. They are also known as Levendes, a nickname they got from the pirates. They are followed by the robbers, who grab the local girls, forcing them to join in, dancing and celebrating, until dawn.
Easter Friday, at Koronos: Feast of Panagia Argokiliotissa. The feast of Panagia Argokiliotissa attracts pilgrims from all around the island and the minor
Kinidaros : Panigyri (festival) in honor of Agia Irene.
Agios Thaleleos : Panigyri (festival) in honor of Agios Thaleleos that includes outdoor dancing, local instruments and free meal.
Apeiranthos : May wreaths fuel the bonfires of Agios Ioannis.
Melanes : The big panigyri (festival) of Agioi Apostoloi, that lasts for three days.
Kourounochori: Panigyri (festival) commemorating the Transfiguration of the Savior.
Filoti, Apeiranthos and Agia monastery : Panigyria (festivals) in honor of the Virgin Mary. The celebrations at Filoti last 3 days and are among the islandʼs most festive.
Tripodes : Feast in honor of Virgin Mary.

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